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You Died...

But a Necromancer revived you!

Game currently in development, meanwhile you can play the game jam version for free!

> Normal/Hard mode ends at floor 9 when you get to the Necromancer

> Infinite mode has no end! Go grab a highscore

> Checkpoint mode , whenever you die you go down one floor rather than going back to the beginning!

A game by The BolHut

Jaime Gifte (@Gifteador) - Art & Code
Jaime Rabid (@Rabbid493) - Music & tweaks

Necromancer (@YD_BaNRY) - Annoying

( X , , X )
Update (21/05/2018): Update 3! We just uploaded a trailer on the new version of the game that we are working on right now since mid 2017... Check it out!

Update (19/04/2019): Final update! THE FULL GAME IS OUT HERE

Update (11/05/2016): Update 2! (Itchio´s week) Small update to test out some new movement tweaks to the character: you can now sprint! We would love to hear feedback and if it helps with making the game "controllabl-er"

Update (21/03/2016): Update 1! Added checkpoints to settings and some tweaks to the gameplay. Other platforms support are on the work!

Update (07/03/2016): Our game won the Comet Jam


YouDied_BaNRY_GameJam_v02 4 MB

Development log


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Made a video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YFaF5zAOHqg

Thanks for letting us know!

We hope you enjoyed the game!

Flipo, esta super entretenido, molaría ver mas skins haciendo referencias a otros videojuegos. 8/10


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Any way you could reupload this as a .zip so it works with itch.io/app ? Thanks!

(p.s: congrats on the win!)

Done!, we have now uploaded both .rar and .zip just in case. Please tell us if that works on the app and thanks for poking us!

Hope you like the game