A downloadable prototype for Windows

Welcome back to the Necromancer's tower! Currently there are renovations underway but do not worry! You can still climb the tower, the only catch is that you have to build the path yourself.


This is a very early prototype, consider it a game jam game even; we've been working on this small project on the side for two weeks now and we are growing a liking to it, before developing it further we would love to get feedback and test how people react to it; since we cannot go to any events we are making it public online for free!

We hope you enjoy this little prototype, be aware it is only meant to test the basic mechanics of the idea, it is not finished and it is very far from perfect; some levels might be absurdly hard because of it too. 

We would love to hear your thoughts and feedback!



There is not a tutorial in place, so please read the following instructions:

WASD or ARROWS to move piece/player

[ Z / X ] to rotate piece left / right

[ Z + X ] pressed at the same time to explode a piece
(you can only do this once per puzzle)

[ SPACEBAR ] to place a piece on the map

Some differences from You Died BaNRY:
- You can attempt a level 3 extra times
- The floor does not explode, feel free to take your time
- You are inmune at the start of the game until you move. Take this chance to really plan out how you will beat your own level


You can follow us on Twitter or join our Discord to send us your thoughts and feedback!

Thank you for playing!


You Died PUZZLE - Prototype 28 MB